Restorative Nursing

Restorative Nursing at Pine Acres is not only a program, but also a philosophy of care practiced by our Nursing Department 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The focus of the program is to keep our patients at the highest practical level of functioning. The Restorative Nurse along with Rehab Certified CNA’s, oversee the program with support from the therapists in developing and providing individualized programs.
Some of the Restorative Nursing Programs include:

  • Individualized or Group Exercise and Strengthening Programs
  • Ambulation training
  • Range of Motion to body joints
  • Dining Programs
  • Activity of Daily Living (ADL) Training
  • Communication Programs —
    Comprehensive or Expressive

Our Restorative Program utilizes the following restorative principles when developing our
patient-centered goals:

  • Assist to maintain maximum potential
  • Offer support and understanding with losses and gains
  • Help to prevent unnecessary disabilities
  • Develop independence where there is potential