Nutritional Management

Optimal nutritional status is important for good health at any age. Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Living Center’s staff members recognize this as an important aspect of daily care. We have implemented programming for the recognition of the “at-risk” patient as well as the specialized support others may need.

Our Nutritional Team consists of Nursing, Dietary and Activity staff members with support from a Licensed Dietician and therapists. Together our team implements individualized plans to meet the needs of our patients. We offer specialized dietary needs to include:

  • Low Concentrated Sweets Diet
  • Cardiac or Heart Healthy Diet
  • Renal / Kidney Diet
  • Enteral / Tube Feedings
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain Dietary needs
  • Alternative dietary consistencies such as ground or puree foods

Should there be any questions concerning additional nutritional and/or dietary needs prior to admission, please contact our Director of Admissions. Every effort will be made to meet these needs.