Hospice Care

Hospice was originally defined as “a place of rest and shelter for travelers on
a long journey.” Pine Acres is able to provide such a place for those in need
of Hospice Care.

For added comfort, Pine Acres offers a special hospice room, The Garden
, where loved ones can remain at bedside as desired. The Garden Suite
comes with many amenities to include family lounge area, direct phone line,
refrigerator, microwave and much more. Access to this area is available to
visitors at any time – day or night.

Our professional, caring staff, with the support of your hospice agency,
offers a team approach in providing medical, psychological and spiritual
support for both the patient and their family and/or extended family
members. Care is provided in an environment that promotes human dignity
with special focus on quality of life. Each person is acknowledged as an
individual with unique, individual needs.

Pine Acres maintains relationships with many hospice agencies and is
an integral part of our mission to create lasting relationships with our

Some of the benefits of hospice care while at Pine Acres may include:

  • Skilled Nursing Care — 24 hours-a-day
  • Compassionate and supportive caregivers
  • Individualized pain management plans
  • Medication Management
  • Specialized medical equipment and supplies
  • Wound Care
  • Social Services Support
  • Pastoral Care
  • Special “Hospice Suite”
  • Choice of hospice agencies