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“… As a former long-term resident of Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Living Center, I wish to make certain that all know how truly lucky the DeKalb community is to have Pine Acres at its disposal. In a time when the headlines are full of bad news about the rapid decline of access to quality health care, the constant dedication of Pine Acres’ administration and staff to the comfort and happiness of the individual resident reminds us all of what quality care can be.

My being a quadriplegic due to Multiple Sclerosis has given me more than my fair share of experiences with long-term care. The chief problem that I always ran into was the expectation that I was supposed to adapt to the facility. From the first day at Pine Acres, it became very clear that their commitment was to adapt to me. While other places were more interested in lecturing me on what they could not do, Pine Acres was always asking what more they could do. And, where other places worked to craft excuses and place the blame on me for problems, any concern I ever had at Pine Acres was addressed professionally, fairly, courteously, and with an eye on a solution.. If you have never been a resident of a long-term care facility, you may not realize what a FRESH PERSPECTIVE these Pine Acres attitudes really are!

Certainly no one wants to find themselves in a health situation leaving them unable to stay at home, but it is also certain that these things sometimes do happen. Your provider of the long-term-care solution you need plays a critical role in making this the worst experience of your life or simply a time when you were down and got the help you needed to get back up. I want everyone to know that anyone who chooses Pine Acres will surely find themselves with that second experience!

I was fortunate to be able to transition from the facility back into my own apartment, but I remain so thankful for everything Pine Acres provided during my time of need. And, I have a sense of peace knowing that, should I need them again, Pine Acres will be there for me.” — Gregory T. Anderson