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“Though my days here will soon end, my thoughts and prayers will be with you all. The loving care provided by your whole staff has given me a true source of comfort and encouragement, and made each and everyday bearable. I cannot say enough about the love I received by your nurses and the aids. Recuperating from my surgery has been a long journey, but your physical therapy staff walked each of those difficult miles with me, always encouraging me and maintaining a positive outlook. What a wonderful group of loving and caring professionals! I feel very blessed to have been served by them. My love and best wishes to all of them, and to everyone. May God bless you all with an extra measure of His love.” — Don

“I was extremely impressed with my remarkable recovery after having a total knee replacement — this can only be attributed to the skill of the therapy team at Pine Acres. During my rehab stay, I made friendships with the staff that cared for and encouraged me along the way. Since returning home, I now enjoy dropping by to visit and bring treats to them.” — Words shared by former short-term rehab patient, Ed

“I wish it were possible to adequately show my appreciation to all the angels who have passed through my recovery while at Pine Acres. You have been like guardian angels who assisted in my road to recovery…” — Words shared by former rehab patient, Barbara

“I would like to thank all the Pine Acres personnel who made my mother’s stay there so special…She had never had to reside away from home – she was there to heal and rehabilitate from major injuries received during a couple of falls, including two fractured neck vertebrae. It all turned out better than I could have hoped for. My mother loved her room and sincerely enjoyed her exercises in therapy, but most of all she like each of her therapists, nurses and aides and was able to develop a connection with them. I was personally impressed with the attention and genuine concern in which services were rendered — each person came across not only as very professional, but also very caring.” — Words shared by the family of Amanda

“There are no words that can convey how our family feels about the compassion and dignity that was given not only to our Mom, but to everyone that was there.”
— Words expressed by the family of long-term resident, Guila

“I brag to everyone about the therapy staff at Pine Acres….they were great, always positive and very helpful.”
— Words shared from former short-term rehab patient, — Dick