Life Enriching Activities

It’s Not Just About Bingo!

Our creative Activities’ Staff at Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Living Center continually strives to provide an ongoing program of “Life-Enriching” activities to meet the interests and preferences of each person we serve. Additionally, programs are designed to enhance fitness, create motivation, provide enjoyment and make new friends.

Soon after coming to Pine Acres, one of our friendly activity staff members will visit with you to obtain background information and leisure interests. This information is used to develop an individualized plan which addresses your activity needs and interests as well as activity/recreational goals. Activity goals are aimed at improving, maintaining, or minimizing decline in functional status while at the same time promoting well-being and quality of life.

Each month activities are planned, organized and put together on an Activity Calendar. Activity Calendars are then distributed & placed in each individual room as well as posted in common areas throughout the building. Some of our activity highlights are:

  • Exercise and fitness
  • Discussion groups, guest speakers, trivia, quizzes, table games & puzzles
  • Religious services and study groups
  • Movies
  • Crafts, music, art, cooking and pet therapy
  • Outings
  • Family parties, holiday celebrations and seasonal activities
  • Computer availability with internet accessibility

For those who wish to celebrate special occasions with family and friends, space is available upon request. Lounge areas are also available for that “special place” to visit with friends and family, relax or just reminisce with one another.

With such a wide variety of things to do, it is almost certain there will be something for everyone to enjoy. While we encourage activity participation, some persons may choose not to participate in group activities. Our activity staff is always available to visit with you in your room and to provide individual activity material.