Dietary Services

Good Nutrition — Pleasant Environment — Proper Portion Control

7 Days per Week, 365 Days per Year!

The Dining Experience at Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Living Center is not what you would usually expect to see in a rehab facility. Our spacious dining rooms, linen draped tables and comfortable seating create an appealing environment for mealtime pleasure.

Pine Acres offers liberalized diets which offers more choices to individuals and is more home-like than institutional. In addition to the liberalized diets, we provide other specialized dietary needs which may include:

  • General Diet
  • Low Concentrated Sweets Diet
  • Cardiac or “Heart Healthy” Diet
  • Renal / Kidney Diet
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain Dietary Needs
  • Alternative dietary consistencies

Our on-site Food Services Manager and/or Licensed Dietician Consultant are available to discuss any matter related to diet as well as food preferences and allergies.

In addition to our regular daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, Dietary Services provides food substitutions, regularly scheduled snacks and “Special Meals” such as cook-outs and festive holiday feasts!