For your entire life, you have probably been taught solid values such as: Respect others, Listen well, Be there when someone needs you, Don’t slack off, Never give up, Realize that each day has its own special worth, Do unto others… Those are the values we live by at Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Living Center.

Our mission statement, “Creating lasting relationships with our community by: acknowledging those we serve as individuals, commitment to service and taking pride in a job well done” defines who we are and what we are about.

The lasting relationships we create go far beyond the walls of Pine Acres. In fact, meaningful relationships are created not only with those inside the facility, but extend back to their homes, their families, visitors & guests, our neighbors, and all others who share in providing care and/or services within our community.

At Pine Acres we acknowledge those we serve and care for as individuals by always addressing them by name, knowing their likes and dislikes, and knowing their routines and abilities. We honor their choices and allow them to make their own decisions; we know their fears and worries; we know their goals and anticipate their needs; and perhaps most important of all – we listen.

Service at Pine Acres is not just about “doing our job,” but doing the best job possible. We are committed to service by putting the person before the task and thinking beyond the task or job assignment.

Taking pride in a job well done is demonstrated at Pine Acres through individual, high-personal standards. Our teamwork-focused staff works together seamlessly providing “round-the-clock” care. The longevity of nursing and support staff contributes to our ability to deliver extraordinary, unsurpassed quality care.

We believe these values make us stand out as the most unique rehab and living center in our area!